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Lunchtime Menus and Shark Framework

March 15, 2016

While ZeroMail has been on the back-burner for a while I’ve been hacking away at Shark, a Django + Bootstrap based framework to built database driven websites with very little code and no html, css or javascript. To develop the framework for the real world, I’m doing a few projects, one of with is Lunchtime, a website that lists menus for restaurants and takeaway places. Here’s the page for The Wine Box Cafe. It’s been a few years since I looked at SEO, so I’m doing a lot of reading.

Anyway, the site doesn’t look great yet, but it’s interesting to note that the entire site is about 500 lines of code, no html, css or javascript.


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One Comment
  1. Hey Bart,
    its definitely a use-case. I was recently doing a hobby project on django+hacked mezzanine. This was for more CMS oriented work but obviously a DB-centric app would use this.
    Have a look at my friend’s – its also a BaaS play. I’m thinking you are attacking a similar space.

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