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Email Startups

February 22, 2012

While working on ZeroMail I come across most new startups in the email space. I’ve been keeping a list and figured, why keep it for myself, I might just as well share it.

Cloud Email Clients (web, Gmail) – Email Done Right, personal assistant sorts out your email, 24/7 Adding some task management to your inbox – Inbox for teams, combining social media and email (Beta?) (Pre-launch) (pre-launch)

Mobile Email Clients – (Gmail, iPhone) Minimalist email app (acquired by DropBox) (Mac, Gmail, IMAP?) – Minimalist desktop client (acquired by Google)

Desktop Email Clients (Mac, Gmail) – Gmail inside a desktop app, adding some extra features (Windows, Mac, Gmail, IMAP, POP3) – Powerful desktop email client (Windows) – Open sourced desktop client
(Windows, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, IMAP, POP3) – Multiple accounts and priority ranking

Concept Email Clients (Mac) – Concept email client

Social Media Profiles (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!)

Add-ons (Gmail, Outlook) – Delayed sending and track replies (Gmail) – Delayed sending – Shared folders for Google Apps – Sales and marketing features for Gmail – Rich apps inside your emails – Browser plug-in to check and action your email and social updates

Filtering (saas, Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL) – Filters your incoming email and creates daily summaries (saas, Gmail, IMAP) – Filters your email on priority – Bounce email from people you don’t know, unless they verify – Filters your incoming email and creates summaries – Filters your incoming email and creates daily summaries – Filter out newsletters and notifications (Chrome sidebar) – Group your email by brand icons

Other – Get notifications about important and urgent emails – One click unsubscribe (Mac) – Canned responses customer service app (Gmail) – Show others how much your email load is or – Keeping your address book up to date by scanning signatures – Track email deliveries and opens – Create email signatures – Sends email summaries of your social network activity – Turn emails into tasks – Plug-in that adds features to Gmail – Adds game mechanics to doing your email, giving you points for replying and archiving – Limit the size of incoming and outgoing emails to 500 characters – You forward a group discussion to Micromobs and they make it look good – Find large emails in your gmail – Get followup reminders – Get followup reminder by sending email to, etc – Turns email into actions

Organization – Organize your emails that are event/date related on your mobile – Organize your flight, hotel and rental car confirmation emails – Organize your receipts

API – Email API to create email applications

Deadpool (web, Gmail) – Email like a stream – Shut down – Acquired by Facebook and shutdown (Web) – Combines email and social media (acquired by Facebook, part sold to PeopleBrowsr) – Plug-in to outlook that automatically creates tasks while you type your emails

Which ones did I miss?

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  1. Great list – I’m investigating zeromail now thanks to the smh article yesterday.
    The only thing I would add is nutshellmail
    It’s a handy service giving you a summary of your social networking in one email at times you request.

  2. Don’t forget a fellow Aussie email company 🙂

    We develop Exchange and Google Apps alternatives to run on-premise or in the cloud.

  3. Don’t forget Postini, an email filtering, security and archiving service that was acquired by Google.

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