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Project Inbox ZERO – The Team

January 21, 2011

Two weeks ago I put out a call for co-founders to join me in my quest to make email better. Unlike startups that are in stealth mode (which I normally refer to as fail mode) I decided to describe our plans in detail before we even started. The result? We got heaps of responses from people pointing out similar services and startups, giving advice and feedback on the idea. Thanks to everyone who commented as this saved us heaps of time!

More importantly… we’ve got a team!

Katrin Suess – Katrin has worked since 2004 as web designer/developer. She is one of the best designers/front-end coders I’ve come across.

James Boyden – James is an experienced coder with a background in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and 10+ years working experience in highly optimized C++ and Python.

Stephen Merity – Stephen is a natural born coder with strong NLP and machine learning skills and his resume speaks for itself.

Bart Jellema – I just try to keep up with the team… (28 years coding experience and having co-founded Tjoos help)

This Monday we officially start, but we’ve already had a few extremely productive nights of hacking. For the techies: Everything is written in Python, we use PostgreSQL as database and we use the Tornado web framework. At the speed we’re going we should be able to get our first beta out in about 2 weeks. Sign up for it!

P.S. If I sound a bit over-excited, it’s because I am… 🙂


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  1. looking like the start of something good. I’m ready for my beta account now 😉

  2. Alwin permalink

    How can I get myself a Beta and help provide feedback?

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