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MyMediStats Press Release: Take Control of Your Health Records

October 10, 2010

People often lose track of their medical records, especially information relating to vaccinations and allergies. A new application, was launched during the weekend which allows people to track their immunisations and allergy information in one place, anytime, anywhere.

The website can track past vaccinations and notify users of future vaccinations. Users can print out a card which will have a unique url which doctors can access to check the patient’s vaccination and allergy information.

“People don’t always appreciate the importance of knowing their medical history until they’re in a desperate situation. This application will help to remedy that,” said Sarah Babetski, co-founder of was built by five team members over a weekend during Start Up Camp Sydney (October 8-10, 2010). The team members included web developers, graphic designers and internet marketers: Katrin Suess, Ganesh Shankar, Marco Palmero, Lee Xin and, Sarah Babetski.

Five people got together, having 48 hours to build a tool which will provide value back to the community. They brainstormed through many concepts and narrowed their ideas to solve one problem: the fact that many people forget their immunisation and allergy histories.


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