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October 9, 2010 takes a novel approach to online interpersonal connections by allowing users to nominate individuals who are a significant influence in their life. If an individual wanted to be recognized in a specific field of influence, their supporters are given the opportunity to recommend that individual. In this way, creates an organic and growing web of influences and connections.

A Young team of 5and gave birth to under the guidance of Bart Jellema, the co-founder of Start up Sydney, Patrick Driessen and Adeline De Waziers at StartupCamp Sydney. As one of its founder Gy Sag Sohn said ‘There was a lot of work to do but it was interesting” creates value not only by allowing the user to share its influences, but also by allowing them to create a unique situation where the user can explore the interesting fact of why people follow them. “It was really interesting to see what people have recommended me to” said New User. Since it’s a unique proposition which provides this direct relationship between the users, this creates a unique value proposition for the website.

The provides the service to there users for free and make there income by providing advertisement space and having a data to which clearly indicates the market influencers. The data that collect creates the most amount of value to its business as the data it collects is very rare and important in prediction market trend.


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