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TrendingLimit Press Release: Startup provides innovative solution to information overload problem

October 9, 2010

A Sydney start-up will help solve the information overload experienced by modern businesses by monitoring online content, and paring the results back to the most important findings. This comes at a time when information overload is more of a problem than ever, particularly for firms who use traditional naive keyword tracking tools., the ambitious project examining live web-content to identify emerging trends and sentiments within focused topic areas, was released earlier today. The team at Trending Limit have developed a unique filtering process which allows the examination of only the most relevant material for a given topic. This solution involves consultations with experts in each field, which ensures quality and removes problems associated with crowdsourcing.

“Plenty of other applications examine every bit of information available on the net, which includes plenty of sites that just aren’t informative” remarks Ben, the leading software architect behind the project. “We realised, why not just look at the really high quality sites, so that we get the most meaningful and relevant results possible?”

This simple value proposition is one that has resonated strongly with potential clients. “Rather than overwhelming users with copious amounts of data, we focus on delivering quality results to our users” says Matt, the customer service manager at the firm. “Our unique processes give us the chance to provide some really interesting and targeted brand intelligence to our customers, which is a win for all involved.”


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