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October 9, 2010

Ever wanted fantastic apps that are currently non-existent?
launches today allowing users to ?voice their needs to create demand,
get it developed and in your hands?. A simple platform that empowers
iphone application users to collectively incentivise the development
of their app ideas.

Popularity and proven demand for an app can be gauged by looking at
the amount of people who like the idea. This gives developers not only
an idea but a market of consumers with the intent to use what they
develop therefore taking care of R&D and marketing.

With zero budget, a lot of enthusiasm and a lack of sleep, a team of
five talented individuals powered through the late night to create a
platform for idea generation and leads for commercialization. Their
site illustrates the new trend within the young entrepreneurial
community in Sydney that emphasizes more doing and less talking. As
part of the Sydney Startup Camp teams were given the weekend to create
something functional that could add value to society.

?When you talk about things more than three times, you should start
doing it and not just talk about it.? Startup Camp Chief Instigator
Bart Jellema.

In the last 24 hours the team have demonstrated how combined
ideas can lead to great solutions. Their hard work will be revealed to
the world, as their site ( goes public at 9:00pm on the
9th of October 2010

As technology continues to develop rapidly, apps allow many users to
keep up with the fast pace of our modern society. This will be another
stepping stone to bridge the gap between ideas and realisation.
Encouraging the public to dream and think creatively and feel great
when their idea comes to life.


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