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DealPinch Press Release: Stealing the deals so you don’t have to

October 9, 2010

DealPinch will launch at 9pm tonight out of Startup Camp
Sydney, a weekend long bootcamp run by Startup Australia and Seed

DealPinch aggregates the best daily deal and discount sites in your city
and delivers deals tailored to you to your inbox.

Australia has caught deal site fever. Popular services in Sydney include
Cudo, JumpOnIt, Scoopon and Spreets.

StartupCamp co-host and CEO of Seed Accelerator, Patrick Driessen said,
“This unique new service brings transparency and convenience to retail
customers of deal sites, who on average have subscriptions to two or three
different sites, if not more. DealPinch also offers a new source of
referrals and a new marketing opportunity for the operators of these

Consumers find getting a great bargain very satisfying and market feedback
is that these discount sites are very addictive.

“I am really excited about DealPinch for a range of reasons, I think it
has the potential to change the game in this market,” said Driessen.

While having a broad selection of bargain deals on offer is good for
customers, psychologically this scenario of hyperchoice can leave
customers overwhelmed. The cognitive overload that results from
hyperchoice can result in regret and anxiety instead of buyer

Scanning for deals online is a daily task for many bargain hunters. The
DealPinch team heard frustration from people about the growing number of
deal site email alerts they were receiving, but these people don’t want to
miss a great deal. DealPinch is a solution that aggregates these deals,
enabling users to select categories of interest and get email alerts that
are tailored to them.

Currently, women make up the majority of the customer base of deal sites
in Sydney but this may be because deals have largely been targeted to
them, focusing heavily on health and beauty. The DealPinch team are
exploring ways to expand into underserved demographics driven by analytics
on where demand exists.

DealPinch team member, Jonathan Clarke said, “I want to see some great
deals for us manly men, there is room for growth in this market. However,
at times I also want services more suitable for my girlfriend and there is
currently nothing on the market that allows me to tailor my preferences.”

DealPinch plans to pursue partnerships with deal site operators assisting
them to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


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One Comment
  1. Hi Bart, It’s amazing to see how group buying deals have exploded into the online market. Aggregator websites such as Dealpinch provide consumers with an imporant service making it easier for consumers to view all the deals. My friends and I also set up a deal aggregator that we are really proud of. Hopefully, you’ll find useful

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