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DateRate Press Release: Feedback from your Dates, Learn to Read Minds

October 9, 2010 gives honest, constructive, anonymous feedback from the people you date. A team of five Aussie Gen-Y entrepreneurs who want to improve their dating have banded together to create a better dating experience for millions of Australians, by letting them read each other’s minds.

“Ever had a date you thought went well, only not to get a call back? Not knowing what you’re doing “wrong” can be a frustrating experience, because it feels so unmanageable,” said Helen H, 22, Chief Dating Office with

Simple and quick to use, daterate allows you to provide your dates with with short links to your profile, through which they can then
rate you according to different criteria. The whole process takes your date 1-2 minutes and they are then compensated through choices of cool and fun promotions offered by our partners.

daterate compiles aggregate data which is randomized to protect the identity of dates, while allowing daters to harness the power of
social analytics following a set number of dates.


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