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Entrepreneur in Sydney: Quickstart Guide

October 1, 2010

Yesterday at SydStart I promised to the crowd to give them a bunch of useful links and resources that might be helpful for entrepreneurs in Sydney. So here it goes:

Before you do anything else, do something that brings you closer to launch or adds to the bottom line. Strategy meetings, rewriting business plans and reading inspiring blog posts do not count here. Doing manual testing, making a sales call, building your minimal viable product (MVP), launching your product, etc are things that have an impact. Stop planning your success, start working on it because you can’t fail (and then learn, change and succeed) if you never manual test or launch.

Sign up for the Silicon Beach Australia mailing list
This list is the center of what is happening in tech entrepreneurship in Australia. Most events will get announced on here, many successful entrepreneurs are on this list with great advice to readily give and you’ll find many answers to question you might have in the archives.

Sign up for Silicon Beach Drinks
This is a weekly event that runs every Friday from 6pm in the CBD. It’s a great place to network, practice your pitching and unwind after a 120 hour week. I run this group and I send more Sydney specific announcements to people on this group. It doesn’t really matter which meetup you go to as long as you regularly meet new people while working on your startup. I have learned more from networking that has had a direct positive effect on our business than from anything else.
If you’re a morning person, you might want to try Sydney OpenCoffee as well:

Watch Guy Kawasaki’s talk ‘The Art of the Start’
As an entrepreneur I reckon this is the best way you’ll ever spend 40 minutes of your life.

Watch Mick Liubinskas’ talk on ‘Focus’
One of the main reasons startups fail is because lack of focus. I personally watch this video about every 6 months just to remind myself…

Check out Startup Australia
This is a wiki that has a fair bit of info for startups in Australia, such as events, blogs, list of Australian startups (add yourself!), list of grants, list of awards, etc

Come to a StartupCamp
It’s a get together of people from different disciplines that have an interest in startups and do a complete startup in one weekend. From coming up with the idea and making a business plan to pitching, design and development and marketing. The main goal is to learn from each others experience and to get a chance to work with a new group of people and of course to have a lot of fun.

Get mentors/advisors
This is simpler than you would think and can be very valuable. All you have to do generally is ask and pay for lunch (or at least offer).

Accountability Partner
Doing a startup can be lonely and it can be hard to stay motivated. Having an accountability partner can help with this. I’m happy to be the accountability partner for anyone, simply send me an email with what you are trying to do and then email me every week on Friday with an update of what you have done and what you will do next week. I might or might not respond to your emails, but I will definitely harass you if you don’t send emails…. my email address is

Apply to StartMate
StartMate wants to help technically-focused founders get started with a small amount of capital, advice and a mission to Silicon Valley. Our first program will fund 5 startups and begin in January, 2011 in Sydney. Weโ€™ll spend 3 months helping you launch your company and win your first customers.

Connect with me
If you reckon I might have something useful to say from time to time, subscribe to my blog and connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. It would also be great if you shared this post ๐Ÿ™‚

What resources have a failed to mention?


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  1. Err, mate.. Startmate?

  2. and of course, don’t forget to sign up to the Sydney edition of Startup Digest ๐Ÿ™‚

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