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Good Oral Surgeon Sydney

September 26, 2010

My wisdom teeth needed to come out and considering I’m 34 and they were impacted I needed a good oral surgeon in Sydney. When you’re young wisdom teeth can often be removed without any complications, but at my age chances of complications such as permanent nerve damage leading to numbness of the lip increase. I was less worried about the pain and suffering during the recovery process that many of my friends had talked about. My dentist referred me to Dr Adit Bahl at the Oral Surgery Day Centre in Chatswood. My dentist guaranteed me that she would get her wisdom done by him if she needed it done and googling him didn’t bring up any bad stories, so I went with it and I’m glad I did.

Yesterday I checked into Castlecraig Private Hospital at 9:30am and was out off there around 4pm, minus 2 wisdom teeth, plus a whole bunch of medicine and instructions… I felt great although everything was still totally numb. I’ve been keeping to the schedule of pills and this morning all numbness was gone, bleeding has stopped, no pain, all sensations are normal. Naturally my cheeks are a bit swollen, but that’s all at this point. So far this has been much less painful than a single episode of one of my wisdom teeth playing up. So I’m very happy with how it all went and highly recommend Dr Adit Bahl to anyone who is nervous about getting their wisdom teeth removed.

A few tips for anyone getting their wisdom teeth removed: Go shopping the day before and get custard, soups, yogurt, etc. No straws as you’re not supposed to use a straw. Also get some panadol as it was part of the medicine schedule, but it wasn’t provided and an icepack or two or a bag of ice if you use the thing that the hospital will give you (and I forgot to bring home). The ice is supposed to help with the swelling, but I don’t think I used it enough. Don’t worry if you’re lip is still numb hours after the operation, it took about 18 hours for the local anaestetic to wear off for me.

I know this article has nothing to do with entrepreneurship, but I felt like writing it and it’s also an test to see how well this article will rank for the term “Good Oral Surgeon Sydney”.


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  1. Graham permalink

    Thanks for the lowdown, Bart. I’m off to see Dr Bahl to have a bunch of teeth out for orthodontic work – and I’m 47! Making up for what my parents should have paid for thirty years ago. Positive feedback is always appreciated for us dental-phobics.
    I didn’t google ‘good oral surgeon’, but Dr Bahl’s name, and your blog was high on the google results.
    Cheers, Graham

  2. Ouch, know how you feel…I had an infection that led to the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth. They were giving me shocking migraines for the longest time.

    Soup was a godsend….I was laid up for about 2 weeks with it…..good luck with the recovery.

  3. It’s second on Google.

  4. permalink

    Does he repair the nerve after damage of tooth extraction ?

  5. Have no idea… better ask him…

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