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Facebook Viral Marketing Done Right

September 25, 2010

These days I talk to a lot entrepreneurs/wantrepreneurs that are just starting out or have an idea. While many people ask the question: “What’s your business model?” I tend to ask more and more: “What’s your traffic model?” as this seems to often be a bigger hole in the idea. It doesn’t matter how good your product is and how well you’re business model is if you don’t get traffic. I’ll blog about this more later, but for now I want to focus on one of the common answers: “I’ll invite all my friends on Facebook and they’ll invite their friends, etc”…

While this seems like a great idea, in reality this rarely works… think about it this way: How often do you invite all your friends to something your “Facebook friend” has invited you to? There are of course exceptions and 99dresses is one of those. Nikki Durkin, recent runner-up at the Young Entrepreneurship Unconvention pitching competition, has managed to create a strong tribe around her site through Facebook of very passionate users.

According to the site: “99dresses gives you access to an Infinite Wardrobe of free clothes, shoes and accessories all contributed by fellow fashionable members. How does it work? Upload your unwanted clothes into the Infinite Wardrobe and sell them to other girls for a virtual currency called ‘buttons’. You can then spend your buttons on anything you want from the Infinite Wardrobe!”

Up until today the site has been in closed beta and only a couple of hundred girls were let on. Now that the site is in public beta, she created an event very cleverly named “The FREE FASHION Movement” and within 1 hour over 2000 people were invited. This is mainly because she has such passionate users that invite hundreds of their friends each. Rarely have I seen users this passionate about a product that has only just been released.

On an unrelated note, the link to Tribes by Seth Godin (a book I’m currently reading and enjoying) is an affiliate link and as such I make HEAPS of money if you go to Amazon and buy the book… well… it won’t make me rich, but I thought I’d try to add my first ever affiliate link on my blog and see what happens.


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  1. This is a great example of tribal behavior in the Seth Godin sense. your traffic comment can be restated to be how will you achieve tribal status or what does a successful tribe look like in your case and how will you get to that situation with evangelists, disciples, and others who are prepared to promote your purple cow

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