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Azure BizSpark Camp Sydney

April 11, 2010

Azure BizSpark Camp

Today I’m checking out Microsoft’s BizSpark Camp. I’ve just had a wander around to meet some of the teams that are tucked away in spacious rooms. Yesterday the teams had training on Azure and in an hour they will be presenting their Azure products the’ve build since to the judges for a grand price of $5,000.

One of the participants said: “Before yesterday if you’d ask me to move to Azure I would say ‘No f*****g way’, but now I’m seriously looking at moving all our stuff over.” I guess that means the camp is already a success from Microsoft’s perspective.

There seven teams that will present are: – Men seeking men dating website team practicing pitch
Looking to move all his systems into the cloud with Azure and has calculated that moving to the cloud will save them 42% in hosting costs.

EARCHWARE – Enterprise Architecture Repository in the Cloud
Not sure if I understand the plan, but I think they want to put all enterprise informations (read: word and excel documents) in the cloud in a single repository. At the moment it’s just an idea, some powerpoint slides and mock-up screenshots. People that know me know what I think of slideware. – Cognitive Data Management
Hmm… I’ve heard the pitch before the presentation and I’ve watched their online tour, but I’m still not sure what they do. Maybe the presentation helps. They claim to reduce coding costs by 90% with something that sounds like coding for dummies. The demo sort of showed that it’s kind of a visual database editor where you can write business rules like an Excel foruma. Their main innovation seems to be an expression builder, but maybe I’m not getting it.

Team Aimee Marie Forsstrom and Erle Pereira
Their idea is to build reporting and analysis systems for open source solutions by loading the data into SQL Azure. They are planning to do “fancy, wancy stuff with it” and build some “awesomely cool super slick interfaces with pivot tables and what not”. Sounds good to me, because the tools available for MySQL are impressively underwhelming. Currently it’s just an idea, but the plan is to get something out in the next 2 months. Too bad it’s only slideware for now.

Ignite Intelligence
Green.Global.Connect. It’s some system to help a city council reduce their carbon footprint. Or something like it. Go Green sounded good, but they totally lost me after that.
No Comment
Apparently the available budget is $7M, but I’m not sure what it is. The image above would make me very worried if it was my $7M though…
EyeKnowIt sneak preview
Ever seen some weird insect and wondered what it was? EyeKnowIt lets you upload a photo of it with your question so their community can answer is for you. It’s kind of like Aardvark with images. There is obviously an empty restaurant problem here, but the team reckons that with Facebook integration they can get some virality going to overcome this. This is a presentation that resonates with me more than the previous ones because I understand what they do and they’ve shown me the actual product. – Location based blog search
Blog search is terrible. allows you to search blog by topic and location. It’s build and should go live soon. Looking to index a billion blogs.

And the winners are:
1. EyeKnowIt
3. Freedombase

Time for nibbles and drinks…


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