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April 9, 2010

Today was filled with useless activities such as a trip to IKEA and a dinner with friends. But I did get some excellent work done yesterday between midnight and 4AM. I managed to get to the point where I pressed a toolbar button in my firefox and 20 minutes later all my 422 LinkedIn connections were listed neatly in my database. It mainly took this long because I’m on a 3G connection at the moment. The new apartment doesn’t have internet yet. I managed to import Firstname, Lastname, Image, Email, Phone, Title and Company. I’m pretty happy with the progress on this front as it seems the client side scraping idea is working out so far.

Beta sign-ups are up to 41, this time mainly due to a self promotion post as a comment on a Techcrunch post about Plaxo. Interestingly most of the comments were flaming Plaxo. Looks like they’ve got a seriously bad reputation. I’d better check out at some point how they got that and not repeat their mistake, but instead do the opposite.

Tomorrow and the weekend are not looking good to get work in, so I’ll probably be back on Monday. I’d better get cracking since I’m aiming to publicly launch on the 30th of April… three weeks from now. More soon, time for bed.


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  1. Good Day,
    My name is Michael Willson.

    I, and an associate have been working on a project that is similar to a lot of what you are talking about.

    We have the database, web server, email, firewall and versioning complete and are now working on replication. We have a development server for testing and push to the production server, when we are happy with the current version.

    I just finished building an NAS, doing final test and when complete, my associate will begin on the replication itself.

    When I have completed the NAS, I will start on screen scraping to start to populate the database. We currently have a small dataset of about 14,000 contacts for testing.

    We have many years of experience, me in hardware and him in the backend.

    We don’t have much experience in frontends though, and are starting to look for someone that would be interested in doing that part of the operation.

    We are currently discussing what public and private data looks like, and how to offer people permission to control who to disclose their information to.

    One big difference between your project and ours is we are offering the ability to look up the public information of anyone. Another is philosophy, we are using all open source software. And last, our site is operable in two languages, English and Spanish. I am currently in negotiations with a person to add French.

    There are other parallels to our projects.

    We don’t currently have a business plan, no financing, no incorporation, and no set hours of work. We have given some thought to backups, scalability and have had some discussions on unit testing, but nothing worked out yet on those aspects.

    Like you, we do have a rough idea, and a lot of progress has been made.

    If you are interested please contact me and lets talk about what we could do together.

    Thank you,

  2. Paul McCarthy permalink


    This idea seriously rocks. And i think you’re on the money with respect to lessons learned from Plaxo and others.

    There’s one a friend subscribes to AccuCard that periodically automatically form email members contacts (all of them) reminding each them to maintain their own contact details which I find comes across as quite rude.

    Integrity and trust are perhaps the keys to this segment with lots of auto sucking social media apps – you want to be the one that really doesn’t suck. If you know what I mean. Is there a way of (optionally) storing or backing up offline i wonder? Or having some failsafe mechanism technical or otherwise that would assure users against any unintended misuse.


  3. Gus permalink

    Hey Bart Man

    check out Androids/HTC Friend stream it incorporates Facebook twitter into your Gmail which powers the phone contacts no push back to the social networks but just to prove that its valid concept

    Alos i like that it does all this on the mobile platform integrated into my device but is still update able

    nice blog btw


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