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April 8, 2010

It’s a rainy day today in Sydney, so a good day to get stuff done. However, somehow I didn’t really get to work on until 10:30PM. I find that I tend to work in bursts and these happen mostly late at night. I’ve often wished I could induce these bursts of “being in the zone”, but I’m not sure yet how. I certainly noticed that when working on Tjoos was done more during the day because we hired employees my overall productivity dropped quite a bit. It’s a great feeling to work on something new as this is the best part of a startup. No BAS to file, no customers, no employees, no SVN permissions to change, etc, etc. Just me and a computer.

Anyway, so yesterday I put up a beta signup page:
Beta Invite Screenshot

And it seemed to work. So far 32 people signed up primarily because yesterday Kim Heras did a writeup on TheNextWeb Australia that got syndicated to TheNextWeb US. Yay!


The website runs on IIS6 with a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database. It’s written in JScript (Classic ASP) and uses a custom javascript framework that for now I call JASPR. It’s geared towards quick development of database driven sites with very easy use of AJAX. With every site I built I try to improve the framework. It was also used for DateBrowsr.

My main development tools are Notepad, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and Paint. Firebug is awesome for debugging the website. I do run a local development copy of the website, but use the live database server for development. I find that keeping track of and deploying database changes are too much work.


It might be interesting to point out all the things that I haven’t done or worried about:
– Business Plan/Business Model
– Incorporation
– Funding
– Deployment (Currently I FTP individual files manually)
– Unit Testing
– Backups
– Scalability

Should I worry about any of these? Why?


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  1. Unit Testing is the only thing on the list that might be worth worrying about now (if you’re in to TDD).

    The rest seem pointless to worry about until the idea is formed more. Normally I’d say the business model should get some love but it sounds so far that this is more of a ‘project’ than a business.

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