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April 6, 2010

Ok, Day 2 of and the “open design” of it. I think today would be a good time to get a logo and do some wire frames. Maybe some use cases.

Data Retrieval Design

Data Retrieval design
One of the key barriers to making this work I think is the retrieval of data from social networks. Most network have API’s, but access to some data might be limited and if the network doesn’t like what you’re doing they can ban you. This is why I’m leaning towards screen-scraping of the more closed networks (read: Facebook) by using a browser plug-in on the client side (the user reading their own information). This can be combined with APIs of networks that are more open.


Homepage Design
Since the main tool is a firefox plug-in, downloading the plug-in is step one. If you’re already logged into Facebook for instance, we can probably just bring up your profile page and get all your info from there. To not scare people we should probably pop-up a question like: “Would you like to automatically retrieve your name and other details from your Facebook?”. Hmm… even better if I can get the webpage communicating with the toolbar (to be researched).

Import Page

Import Page

Beta Invites

Since you can’t go live early enough I’ve put up a beta invite page. Might just as well capture a few email addresses of early adopters so that I can generate some initial traffic before we go live in a few weeks. This way the major bugs can be ironed out before the actual launch. I’ve limited the beta to 250 people. Well… actually it’s not limited, but I thought having a counter might make it feel more exclusive. See if it works.


Do I design one myself, or do I just put it on 99Designs, DesignCrowd or crowdSpring? Should I use a “real” designer? I’m leaning towards using one of the crowdsourced services because this is time I don’t want to spend, but I don’t want to pay too much for it. What is your experience, what have you done in the past?


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  1. Jason Langenauer permalink

    I used 99 designs for Constrex’s logo, and found it quite good – but you do have to pay attention to the process, and give feedback to the the designers daily. And it still takes 7 days to get a logo done.

    Alternatively, 99 designs has a “logo store”, where you can just browse and buy a logo, and they customise it with your name.

  2. I haven’t used crowd source for design, but in the spirit of being open I think you’d be better to try it out and share what you learn.

  3. Bart, is a nice idea and we already implement a lot of what you started in Ofuz.
    We have a lot more to do but we are 90% to where you want to be with your bare minimum.

    Ofuz in an open source project and the full source code will be available soon, the idea is if we do a universal contact management it needs to be 100% open.

    Check Ofuz out, let me know what you think and if it make sense to join forces.

    • Cool, I’ll have a look. How did you fix the problem that Facebook doesn’t give Apps the ability to read the email addresses of your friends?

      Your solution seems very business focused. is currently more focused on personal use. Let’s stay in touch and see if we can help eachother.

  4. This is a great idea! I look forward to future updates.

  5. crowd source logo design sites from what i’ve seen will only work well if you are prepared to put up a decent amount of cash to the winner of the design comp, putting up the minimum cash will result in a whole bunch of crappy designs that you won’t be too impressed with

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