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Interesting Email Response

February 4, 2009

We send out a press release the other day and I got this auto-response:

Thank you for your interest in B&A Sports Medicine.  Currently, our budget will not allow for us to hire any e-mail answering robots utilizing state of the art artificial intelligence.  Instead, you will be receiving a human-written email employing college-level intelligence shortly.  If you have the same funny feeling inside after drinking a Big Gulp in the back seat of a long car ride, then don’t hesitate to give us a call (614-326-1490).  If you don’t like to pay long distance charges, then use a cell phone.  If you don’t have a cell phone, borrow a neighbors.  If your neighbors don’t like you, then just be patient and re-fresh your email browser.  If you’re at work and need to kill some time before quitting time, check out our blog:

Thanks again,

B&A Sports Medicine Team

Although this one was only mildly amusing, the informal tone is something I see more and more. I like it and the new homepage redesign of will have more of this. We’re even going to call people shopping ninjas.


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