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A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action Please

January 20, 2009

Having been around the entrepreneurial community for a while now I meet many people talking about the ideas they have and the startup they are planning. Some of them seem to talk about it more than work on it. After StartupCamp Sydney II this weekend it’s clearer than ever to me that action beats words. Teams created viable startups in about 24 hours. I’m sure some prospective entrepreneurs spent more time than that talking about how they are going to do a startup one day or writing business plans, etc.

StartupCamp itself started a bit like that. We talked about how cool it would be. We talked and talked. Until one Official Friday we just decided to do it, and 2 weeks and only a few hours of organizing later StartupCamp I was on.

So I think it goes for startups too:  “A little less conversation, a little more action please.”

What does you think?


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  1. Hey Bart great to see you blogging! Yeah, I agree with your sentiments – those that can actually get up and DO it are much more powerful than those that talk. I myself tend to talk to much, but am working on getting better at ‘getting it done’

    I know @rosshill has huge thoughts on this too

    Cheers mate!


  2. Hey Steve! Thanks for being the first commenter on my blog. Now it’s almost like a real blog 😛 Keep talking, loved your pitches at StartupCamp Melbourne 😉

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